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Renting houses in Crete
Information on renting houses in Crete (traduction en français en cours)

You are on this page because of two reasons, either you are looking for a long term rental on Crete and want to know more about this issue or you are looking for an income and want to rent out your property.


Looking for long term rentals on Crete
In general long term rentals are unfurnished and electricity, heating, phone and water are not included in the monthly rent. Security payments of 2-3months rent are normal, which you will get back when you are leaving. As the landlord has to declare the rental income to the tax office and you should in some cases (e.g. getting a residence permit) proof that you have a residence in Crete, a rental contract is necessary (even in some cases the shown rental is less than actually agreed). The minimum rental duration is usually 1 year - make sure that the time of notice and rental duration is stated in the contract.

Anyhow, should you want to get out of the contract before the agreed duration ends, many landlords will accept it if you find a new tenant.

To sign a rental contract you will need your ID/passport number and your Greek tax number (AFM).

To check out our current offers on long term rentals visit our "Rentals" section.

Renting out your property
There is a difference between letting a property for the long term (minimum 3 months) or letting the property to holiday makers for the short term.


Letting your property in Greece for the long term
As soon as you let your property for the long term, this income has to be declared to the tax authorities of your "permanent residence" country. Thus, if you have broken up all in your home country then you'll have to declare ALL your income in Greece. It does not matter from which other country the other income is coming from.
If you are letting out your second home abroad you will have to declare the rental income in your home country and ask for a certification that you paid income tax. This certification will be necessary to avoid double taxation in both countries. For detailed information on the double taxation agreement and the procedure you may contact your accountant.

Letting your property in Greece for the short term
As soon as you let your property for the short term, you are obligeted to have an EOT licence (Greek National Tourist Board). It is not required to have this licence if only family members and friends are allowed to use your property for FREE.

The requirements for obtaining a license from the Greek National Tourist Board (EOT) are:

1. Application form.
2. Declaration by applicant.
3. Rental agreement.
4. Certificate form the Fire Service.
5. Statement of suitability of the property.
6. Certificate stating that both water and cesspit arrangements attain the required criteria.
7. Criminal record of the applicant.
8. Health certificate of the applicant.
9. Receipts of payments of local taxes required.
10. Latest tax return of applicant.
11. Verified photocopy of planning permission of the building.
12. Verification that the building is anti earthquake proof etc, signed by qualified architect.
13. Plans of house plumbing etc signed by qualified architect.

In the last years many people have let their holiday homes without having the necessary EOT licences but also the Greek authorities started to check advertisements and owners without having this licence received hefty fines. So please be on the secure site.

As the process requires the cooperation of an architect / civil engineer and the documents required are many you might prefer to involve your lawyer to act on your behalf or to contact our strategic partner "The Builder" to assist you in getting the EOT licence.