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What type of property to buy (traduction en français en cours)

You now have decided, loving Crete and having a holiday home on Crete or even to settle down and enjoy the Cretan live. Now the big question is, what type of property will suit your needs?

Maybe this will help you to make a decision.

New finished houses
The advange to go for a new finished house is, you can directly occupy it. A few years ago it was quite difficult to find a new built house on Crete fulfilling legal and quality standards you are expecting. Meanwhile this situation changed and you can find the kind of property you are looking for in the desired location (of course, houses at the beach with 2 bedrooms and modern comfort were never and are still not available for 100.000 Euros). Still you should take the time to compare locations, amenities, accessibility and quality of the building which will always reflect in the price. Find a large selection on new finished houses on Crete by browsing through our "Houses/Villas" section, select the ones which meet your needs and don't hesitate to inquire for more information to be able showing you only the ones which fits your budget as well as your requirements.

New developments
If you can't afford a new finished house, than you might find a solution in choosing a property within a new development. Mainly a large plot of land was subdivided into smaller plots on which small houses were built. Sometimes with communal pool or even privat owned pool. This kind of offers can save money as the builder can share the costs for building permits, bringing services to the properties and having less building costs because of the quantity. So worth to consider if you don't might to have neighbours and have some time to wait until the property is ready to move in.

It might be not the solution for you if you want to let your property legally for the short term to holiday makers as your property will than not fulfill the conditions to receive the necassary EOT licence.
Take a look at our "Developments" section to get an idea on what is going on.

Old houses to be restored
You prefer to have a home with character, featuring the traditional items of Crete? Not a lot of these kind of properties, ready to move in are available, so maybe you like to go for the adventure renovating / restoring an old traditional house and put your personal touch together with the Cretan history, then you can find in our "Renovations" section lot of possibilities.
But be aware to have a capable and reliable architect who can supervise the project and keep you well informed of the progress and that the costs on the renovation work can't always be kept exactly to the amount you wish to spend as nobody can ensure the condition of grounds, walls, ceilings, plumbing etc. And if thinking on doing a lot of the work on your own - don't forget, you need always a permission as the authorities are sensitive to work undertaken near sites of archaeological importance AND you have to declare also your own work and have to pay IKA.
Through our exclusive strategic partner "The Builder" we can undertake any necessary renovation/refurbishment works that you may require and keep you on the secure side.

Plot of land to build your house on
The most flexible of all options is choosing the right plot of land and building your own house, according to your plans. As stated above, a capable and reliable architect/builder has to be found, who is calculating all aspects of the building process, who is not underestimating the total amount because VAT, IKA, costs for the outside space etc. are not included and who will be able giving you the exact delivery day as you have already to wait for a quiet while before benefiting from your dream home on Crete.
To view our selection on building plots on Crete take a look in our "Land" section and don't forget to take a look at our tips on what to look for and what to take care for when you want to build your house on Crete. We don't think we have to mention, that our exclusive strategic partner "The Builder" will assist you in the best way to get what you want.