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Property management (traduction en français en cours)

... Let us take care of all your concerns so you can relax and enjoy it!

We have a wide range experience and knowledge in assisting clients with the purchase of their homes in Western Crete from a plot of land to their dream holiday home we have helped them all the way giving us a clear understanding of client's hopes and concerns in owning a property in a foreign country.

An obvious concern is how you are going to look after the property when you are not here and after being approached by many of our clients to continue with the excellent trustworthy service they have received from us.

We are now able to provide a service built on a sound practical knowledge of client's requirements with a flexible approach.

As everyone has individual requirements we are now in the position to tailor your needs from simply holding your key to a full management program that you can personally choose that suits you.

After Sale Service (for your dwelling or your business)
Home Services

* Provide assistance with sorting out daily queries/problems and provide help in establishing the right contacts.
* Registration of your villa at no additional costs.
* Registration for electricity and water supply.
* Application for a telephone connection.
* If required we can provide your property with security systems.
* Our repair and restoration service is available at all times.
Our electricians, plumber, carpenters and other craftsmen are reliable and undertake almost every job.
* By agreement we can purchase furniture, decorative items and other equipment for your property.
* If requested we can pay your water, electric bills, telephone bills and your taxes while you are absent from your property.
* We can check your building is secure, provide a cleaning service and generally maintain your property inside and out. This includes gardening and disinfection for insects.


Management Service

* In the event that we encounter any damages during our regular inspections caused by thunder, storms or any other disaster, we will inform you immediately and we will have the damage repaired after consultation with you.
* If you notify us in advance of the date of your arrival, we will ventilate your home and will ensure that your home is cleaned.
* Registration of your home at no additional cost.
* During your stay we can organize a cleaning lady at your request
* Full swimming pool maintenance (according to the size of the pool)
* Before the winter time starts we can clean your fireplace to make it effective working for cozy nights
* Our company checks that the properties and plots we offer are legal and have appropriate certificates etc.


Other Services

* Our company checks that the properties and plots we offer are legal and have appropriate certificates etc.
* Our company can help with commercial investments in Crete and provide help with all the official processes and paperwork. It can help with the purchase of plots and the designing and building of apartments or villas.
* Our company can restore and decorate your apartment or villa.
* Our company can arrange for landscaping, a swimming pool and security measures for your property.
* We arrange reservations for your journeys.
* We can arrange for building and contents insurance for your property (earthquake, theft, fire etc.) at special prices.
* We can offer you Third-Party Liability Coverage
* We make an official agreement about all our services guaranteed by our company. From the time we make an agreement, you will be treated as our guest during your visits to Crete.